Sunday, August 7, 2011

Go to Bat

I actually just found this week’s blog today and am very excited about it. State Farm and the MLB have teamed up to donate to different non-profits/causes and they are doing so by holding a Go To Bat. You have to sign up on the website, and you can pick one of over 25 non-profits to “bat” for. You then get to play a computer batting game and your batting average goes towards the total batting average of the non-profit you chose. Every week there is a winning non-profit that gets a donation, like this past week was PSI and I believe $18,000 was donated and then there is also an overall non-profit that wins even more money at the end. In all $200,000 is being donated. It is pretty self-explanatory so I am including the website that allows you to sign up and go from there. Play ends September 25 so make sure to sign up and start playing! Happy Batting Practice!

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