Sunday, August 28, 2011

ConAgra Foods

In this week’s blog we are back to food, specifically a company that is helping to provide food to others. ConAgra Foods has teamed up with Feeding America to help provide meals to Americans. For every purchase code that is entered on ConAgra items (like Marie Calendar, Healthy Choice, Peter Pan, Chef Boyardie, and Banquet) they will donate money worth one meal to Feeding America. Now there is a catch which I just saw making this not valid for much longer. This only goes until August 31 so make sure to look and enter them soon. They are close to the 2.5 million meals that they are donating but have not yet reached it. So in the next few days when you are going to the grocery store or are just around your house, make sure you look and see if you have any ConAgra foods so you can enter them and help provide a meal for someone else. Happy eating!

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