Sunday, August 14, 2011


This week’s blog post comes to you a little late, but still within the week here! It happens to be another facebook post but its important and helping promote better health and eating for children all over. Lunchables has teamed up with Feeding America to work towards donating 1 million pounds of fruit to Feeding America. You can like their page on facebook and then once you’ve done that for every picture of a smiling face they will donate 10 lbs of fruit. This is something that’s awesome and having volunteered at a food bank often enough to see the difference fruits and vegetables make, I’m glad to see that lunchables is taking part. Not only will people be able to receive fruit, they will also be getting food that can improve their health and teach them good eating habits. So when you are having fun with your friends this week or just hanging around, take a picture and post it on the page so that others can enjoy some wonderful fruit. Happy smiles!

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