Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Care to Recycle

I have realized I’m terrible at keeping my promises! I said I would try and post at least once a month and did not post at all last month. My apologies! I do have a pretty cool blog post today though and it is double cool because it involves two companies helping people to become greener and save the environment. Johnson & Johnson has put together a website called Care to Recycle that helps teach about what can be recycled, facts about recycling, and so much more. What’s really cool about the site is that for every time the video they have is shared on a number of social media sites, Johnson & Johnson will donate $1 to Keep America Beautiful. As well, if you have a Recyclebank account they have different ways you can earn points off of the Care to Recycle page. So this week when you have a few minutes and want to brush up on recycling tips or learn more about recycling head on over to the Care to Recycle page. Happy Recycling!

Until next time,