Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Earth Month

I’m back and this time I’m setting an alarm! When I started writing again in August I wanted to post about once a week however I have failed at that. So now I have set a weekly alarm for me to write a new post! Hopefully that will work cause there are a lot of awesome ways to help out there, new and old. For this week I am bringing a couple of new ways to help out that have to do with helping the Earth we live on. Burt’s Bees has pledged to plant 1 Billion Wildflowers to #BringBackTheBees however they need our help in order to do so. For every tweet with #BringBackTheBees they will plant 1,000 wildflowers. It’s as easy as just retweeting (which is what I did) the “pinned” tweet on their twitter page; @BurtsBees. You can also help plant wildflowers by purchasing one of their limited edition lip balms!
I know not everyone has Twitter which is why I am posting about two options today. Another awesome way to help out is through the National Recreation and Park Association thanks to The Walt Disney Company. For the month of April you can vote daily for 15 different parks (one in each city) throughout the US to receive a $20,000 grant. As well, when you register to vote (name and e-mail) you can let them know your favorite park in your community and it will be entered in a random drawing to also win $20,000! How awesome is that! By simply voting we can help beautify our country and continue to build community. Happy Earth Month!

Until next time,