Thursday, May 2, 2013


To be honest I thought I had already blogged about Recyclebank however in looking back it looks like they have not gotten their own blog. Recylebank is a great company that is getting people to recycle, learn about recycling, and also other green and environmentally friendly things by awarding points. There are certain areas of the country in which you can be rewarded for merely using your recycling can. For people like me though that are not in one of those areas I go online to their site and am awarded points by participating in the different learning activities that they have. I find them quite fun, educational and very interesting. As with many of the other sites like this, there are many rewards (gift cards, discounts, etc) however you can also donate your points to go towards different non-profits that have an environmental focus. So sometime this week go ahead and sign up at recyclebank and start earning points! Happy recycling!

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