Sunday, September 4, 2011


This week, although a bit late but still here, I am focusing on Music. Music has been a part of me my whole life so I love whenever I get the chance to support the arts. I am focusing on three ways to help different groups but there are countless ways to help. The three that I am bringing to the table this week are the African Children’s Choir, Playing for Change, and Carols for a Cure. The African Children’s Choir is an organization that through music has helped improve the lives of hundreds of kids throughout Africa. Part of their work is putting together choirs and the choirs, which are made up of children from seven different countries in Africa, tour throughout North America and the UK. There are many different ways to support them but one that I like is to buy their CD’s. They are on iTunes and are absolutely wonderful. Playing for Change is an organization that is doing wonderful things. They have a CD that you can purchase and listen to artists from all over the World. Many of them were street artists at one point and this has given them the opportunity to be heard by others. They have a foundation that helps with music education. Lastly we have Carols for a Cure. This is a CD that Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS releases every year and the proceeds go to help the work they do with those affected by HIV/AIDS. The casts from Broadway shows contribute their voices and each show gets one song. It is a wonderful CD for a great cause and great voices! So when you are trying to figure out what music to listen to this week while driving to work, think about maybe trying out one of these three organization’s CDs. You will not be disappointed. Happy listening!

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African Children’s Choir:

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