Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sonic - Limeades for Learning

Sorry for last week’s absence. This week we are going back to school and helping teachers receive needed materials. I love how much the internet helps me in finding my weekly materials and I just came upon this cause. Sonic has teamed up with to help donate money to public classrooms. The voting for the different projects only goes through September 30 so I wanted to get this out to you as soon as I found it. You are voting for different projects that teachers have put online and those with the most votes will have their project funded. Some of these projects are for books, markers, journals, etc. You can look at the whole list or separate it by what state you live in, the grade you want to support, the resource you want to give or the subject of the class. You can vote once a day with any valid e-mail address and if you are someone who eats at Sonic, you will receive a code for an extra two votes on your bag. This is a great thing, easy, doesn’t cost anything, and helps teachers be able to continue teaching our next generation. So for the next couple of weeks just take a couple minutes each day, find a project you like (on the find a project tab!) and want to support and vote for them. Happy Learning!

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