Sunday, July 31, 2011

Cards that give back

This week’s blog is inspired by a family friend who was recently diagnosed with Leukemia. She is receiving care at a children’s hospital and the other day my mom brought home a pack of cards bought at the hospital. The money from the cards goes toward the center for cancer and blood disorders and are designed by patients. The cards are a mix of 15 cards for $10. You can also get cards of just one of the designs. The cards from this hospital are not the only ones available to help others. St Jude’s Ranch (an earlier blog entry) has cards that you can buy, 10 for $10, and supports the foster children that are being cared for at the ranch. Cards from Africa is a fair trade company that is helping people in Rwanda. They’re cards are a little more expensive, however they are handmade and obviously going towards a good cause. Being someone who enjoys receiving and sending hand written cards, this is definitely something worth contributing to. By sending these cards to others you are informing them about the cause you are supporting because they tend to put an explanation of the cause in the card. I’m sure these are not the only card’s that give back but they are what I have found for right now. So this week when you are wondering how your college friend is doing think about getting a card from one of these organizations to write your friend a letter on. Happy keeping in touch with others!

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Phoenix Children’s Hospital Cards: 

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