Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sleeping Mats for the Homeless

This week’s post is a little different. It doesn’t cost any money however it’s a great way to help in the recycling effort and helping others. It’s recycling used plastic bags to be made into sleeping mats for the homeless. My coworkers and I have been making them, I make the part I can while someone else crochets the mat together. All you have to do is collect used plastic bags, create the “yarn” to be used and then crochet the mat. I am including a video that explains things very well and makes understanding how to make the mat much easier. Earlier this summer I was on Skid Row and saw someone just sleeping on the sidewalk, with nothing under her. These mats may not seem like much however they will help to give someone at least a little cushion and comfort when they are sleeping on the sidewalk. So as you are taking your groceries out of the bag think twice about throwing them away, there are plenty of ways to re-use them including making a mat so someone can sleep a little better at night. Happy recycling!

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