Sunday, July 3, 2011

Join My Village

This week’s post comes from a site that has been in my favorites for quite awhile and I revisited this past week. To my surprise they had added some new things to the site that makes it very easy for us to be able to help their cause. It is another “click-and-give” site which I love because it makes giving very easy and does not cost us anything. Join my village is an organization that is helping girls in Malawi continue to get an education, houses to be built, and women to be able to start their own businesses. They focus on women because they tend to have fewer opportunities and continue the cycle of poverty because of the beliefs that are instilled in them and their life experiences. All we have to do is click the button on their home page “Click-to-commit $1” and $1 is donated to Join My Village. So as we are celebrating the birth of America this week also remember those in other countries and that it takes just a minute to bring justice to all. Happy Clicking!

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