Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Huddle to Fight Hunger

Right now is the time many people give donated canned goods, turkeys, etc. but that all costs money. A month or so ago I came across this week’s entry organization. I have a feeling I had seen it advertised many times before and just didn’t pay attention. What I’m talking about is “Huddle To Fight Hunger”. Kraft foods has teamed up with Feeding America to donate meals. When you join “the huddle” a meal is donated, when you watch one of their videos on YouTube another meal is donated. On the site there is a tab to “The Playbook” which gives you more ways to donate a meal. It is very easy and a meal can be donated in less than a few minutes just by clicking on the "join" tab and filling out the information. So whether or not you are able to donate canned goods this fall to your local charity by joining the “Huddle To Fight Hunger” you will be doing that without spending any money.

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