Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Coke Rewards

This week’s entry is inspired by the upcoming holidays and the parties that will be held at your houses or ones that you will be attending. I have a feeling that many of you are unaware that the coke bottle you are drinking or the 12-pack of diet coke you have or the 36-pack of sprite in your pantry has a code on it worth 3, 10, 25 points that can be used as a donation. Coca Cola has come up with mycoke rewards, which is a program that lets its drinkers enter codes online and get things with them. There are many sweepstakes and items that can be “bought” with these points but better yet and to the point of this blog they can also be donated. The places your points can be donated have expanded by quite a bit since I started entering codes. Three years ago when my roommate and I were taking the bottle caps of coke products at basketball games Toys for Tots was the organization where your points were donated. Because of this I have remained loyal to them and save my points throughout the year so that each December I can donate my points to go towards Toys for Tots. You can also donate to a school or other good and worthy causes.
Personally I am not someone who drinks Coca Cola products but right now I have 256 points in my account. Whenever I am in a household that drinks Coke products I ask if I can take their codes, etc. It is very easy to sign up for an account but if you do not want to go through the hassle of signing up and entering every code that you have, etc. then I would encourage you to respond to this post with your codes. I will be more than happy to enter them and you all know that they are getting donated. You are more than welcome to do this throughout the year because I am always entering codes. They are on the bottle cap of any coke product bottle, the flap that you open on your 12-pack, and on the 36-pack there is a dotted box on the bottom which has the code. So this holiday season, and throughout the rest of the year, when you are having a party or attending one don’t forget to save the coke products that have codes, ask your family and friends for them or get them from your work place. Happy drinking!

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