Tuesday, August 11, 2015


I thought I would start off with a new post, a new program (to me) and a very fun way to help others. mPOINTS is a mobile loyalty program that uses many different aps to reward you just for using them. For example, I use the Weather Channel ap almost daily and did not realize until my sister told me about mPOINTS that it is one of the aps participating in the program. I signed up for an mPOINTS account and then whenever I sign into an ap used by mPOINTS I receive points for just opening up the ap. There are also aps that are games so you get rewarded for playing and then there is mPlaces that rewards you for checking in when you go places. The aps link your account so no matter what ap you are using it will go to your mPOINTS account. The points you earn can then be used for different rewards including donations to many different national non profit organizations. Unfortunately this does require a smart phone which I know not everyone has. That is why I will continue to post all different things here so that everyone can find something! So when you have a little time this week, check out mPOINTS, sign up and then start earning! Happy Earning!

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