Monday, March 25, 2013

Make a Musical

Smash Make a Musical Slide 

Even if you do not watch Smash on TV you should definitely take part in this week’s post. Lowe’s has teamed up with Smash to award five middle and high school arts programs $3,000 (to Lowe’s) to help improve their theaters. There are 30 schools competing for the prize and it is now up to us, the public, to help decide who gets the Lowe’s gift cards. You can vote once a day (from now until April 10), so if you look and see that there are a couple of programs you like than take turns voting for each one. I am a strong believer of the arts in schools and that students benefit in so many ways and think this is a great opportunity to motivate students and keep them doing what they love. So when you are checking your morning sites or home after a long day of work, take a minute and head on over to vote for a theater program that you think deserves $3,000. Happy supporting the Arts!

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