Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Anniversary Blog Part 2

Here is part two of my year in review! Hope you enjoy and remember to share it with others!

Year Two:

I am not usually a person who plays games but I do play this one and have for well over a year now because you are playing for good. You create a village by building houses, shops, joy grounds, crops, etc. and in return you get joy points and other items. The joy points can then be donated towards good causes. It is a fun, and addicting, game yet you can justify playing it because you are ultimately helping others!

Buy very simple yet very cool bracelets that support many different causes as well as local artisans in Costa Rica. If you buy a bracelet for a certain cause anywhere from $1 to 100% of the proceeds will be donated to that cause.

In this post I focused on ways to help our environment. Check out the link for all the ways I listed however a few are to use reusable bags when shopping (I’m pretty sure I haven’t gotten a bag from a store in over a month!), if you don’t use a reusable water bottle (which you should) at least make sure you recycle the bottle, as I sit here in Starbucks typing this blog I also thought about how many cups they give out and how many end up in the trash and not the recycle bin. All of their cups are recyclable so make sure to recycle them! There are so many ways to be green however if you are new to the concept start with a few, maybe just recycling more, and go from there!
The World Needs More Love – http://www.moreloveletters.com/
Hannah Brencher felt that the world needed more love letters so she created a non-profit with the goal to solve that problem. Anyone can join The More Love Letters team and write lover letters for the organization or even request ones for a friend in need. They send out letters to people who may need a little lifting and it takes people like us to help!

Learn about different companies and organizations that are giving back and making a difference. You can find them on their website or sign up to get a weekly e-mail.

Bullying is still happening today and although it has been a year since the movie came out there is still a lot that can be done starting with, have you seen the movie? I know I haven’t, so maybe it’s simply watching the movie to increase your knowledge on the situation.

Outnumber Hunger – http://www.outnumberhunger.com/
By purchasing participating General Mills products and then submitting the codes and your zip code you can help give meals to those in need. For every code entered, $0.65 is donated to Feeding America which ends up being 5 meals.

Help Dawn save wildlife by simply buying a bottle of Dawn and then entering the code online. They are donating up to $500,000 to the International Bird Rescue and The Marine Mammal Center; $1 for every code entered online.

Visit this site after March 20th to take part in this year’s plant-a-tree program. Last year they had projects that you could vote on and the top 10 projects won $10,000. The projects that you can vote on have to do with our environment and making it greener.

Join their rewards program and get points for using Bing.com. You can then use your points for different rewards some of them being to donate money to non-profits. I mostly use Bing as my search engine now because of the rewards program!

Even though America Recycles Day is in November, we can always recycle and learn about new ways to recycle. Head on over to this blog post for some ideas and organizations that focus on being green.

It looks like this post is much shorter! As I went back and looked at the previous year’s entries I noticed that many of the posts are no longer going on or that it is in celebration of a certain day. I will try and continue doing that this year but will also continue my search for ongoing ways to help others. Hope this post and the last help you to find a cause that you are interested in taking a part in.

Until next week,

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