Sunday, March 25, 2012

Tasting Table

This week’s post brings some very tasty treats to you! Tasting Table is a daily e-mail that gives great places to eat out at (in five major cities in the US), new ideas for cooking at home, chefs to check out, and fun cocktail recipes. Even better though, they are not only helping their readers make sure they are full but are committed to helping everyone have access to food. They have partnered with Whole Foods’ 2012 Prosperity Campaign and have pledge to donate $1 to Whole Planet Foundation for every new member they get by March 31. I signed up for the e-mails a couple weeks ago and enjoy seeing what they have in store every day. So in the next couple of days take a look at tasting table and maybe sign up so you can be a part in helping those in developing communities worldwide. Happy eating!

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