Monday, December 19, 2011


I apologize for this past week’s blog entry being late however, here it is! A couple weeks ago I found out about WeTopia, a game on facebook that is helping do good throughout the World. You create a village by building houses, shops, joy grounds, crops, etc. and in return you get joy points and other items. The joy points can then be donated towards good causes, like helping build schools in Haiti, providing medical care for children, giving people the tools to be able to read, and even more. It is a fun, and addicting, game yet you can justify playing it because you are ultimately helping others! There is a good tutorial at the beginning to help get you acquainted and then you can begin playing. You can add friends if anyone else on your friends list is playing, plus your friends can help you staff some of the joy grounds, like a soccer field and music hall. So when you have a bit of downtime this week from shopping and spending time with friends and family check out WeTopia on Facebook!

Until next week (well actually later this week!),

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