Saturday, February 19, 2011

Kiva - Loans to help others

This week our helping others does take a little money. I know I said that the things I bring to this blog will not cost much, and this does not necessarily cost anything, but it is a great organization helping thousands of people around the world. This week’s entry is about Kiva which is an organization that gives loans to entrepreneurs across the globe. How the company works is people like us give money, say $25 (the lowest amount you can lend), as a loan to someone in another part of the world who wants to start their own company/shop/business but do not have the money to do so. They will then take the money they have received and turn it into something that will help them and their family prosper. The nice thing about it is that because it is a loan, your loan will be given back to you. After the entrepreneur pays the money back, the amount you first loaned will be returned to your account and you can either relend it to someone else or withdraw it via paypal. So for my readers who do not necessarily have the money to be able to donate but want to help you are able to if you can live without your money for awhile.

A fun thing about Kiva is that you get to search through the different projects that are up for a loan and pick the one that you want to support. You can search many different ways including, male/female run projects and also what type of business they are starting. Kiva has helped to bring many poor people into better living conditions and to also instill hope in them that there are people out there who care about them. The entrepreneurs are making improvements in their lives so that they can provide for their families and help their children receive an education. Happy lending!

Until next week,
Annie   (watch the video, it explains things very well!)

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