Friday, February 4, 2011

Digiorno Pizza

This week’s entry is in honor of a little game being played on Sunday and is therefore only available until Sunday. Of course it has to do with food because how many of us are eating while watching the football game, probably most. Digiorno pizza has a page on facebook and until Sunday if you “Like” the page and then post a “high five!”to your profile, they will donate $5 to Feeding America. You can find the directions for posting the “high five!” in the tab that says “High-$5”. For those of you not on facebook, I apologize you are not able to participate in this week’s item, however, it gives you more of a reason to visit and answer a few more questions with the time you would have spent posting a “high five” to your profile to help feed people all over the world. Happy Football watching and pizza eating!

Until next week,

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