Saturday, January 8, 2011

Teens for Jeans

To change things up a little this week we are going “offline”. You can find out about this week’s cause online but it is a real life thing. This week is meant to help the teenagers in your city in a direct way. The cause is called, Teens for Jeans, and is in its 4th year of existence. The objective is to donate gently worn jeans to your local Aeropostale Clothing store who will in turn donate the jeans to local homeless shelters or charities. I’m sure not all of you who look at this website are a teenager however I have a feeling you know someone who has a teenager or is a teenager. Aeropostale will be collecting the jeans from January 17 through February 13 so I thought I would put this up a little early to give you time to collect jeans. This is something great and even if you can’t donate a pair of jeans than take a look around the dosomething website. It’s a great organization helping lots of people. Happy warmth!

Until next week,

PS: Little fact for you this week: 1 in 3 homeless people in the US right now are under the age of 18.

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