Saturday, January 15, 2011

Free Kibble

We return this week to our good ole click-n-give sites. Unlike the last ones which have mostly helped people, this week’s site is about the animals, specifically dogs and cats. One, of many, amazing things about this site is that it was started by an eleven year old girl. Every day a new question is posted on the site. All you have to do is answer it, not even get it right, and 10 pieces of kibble are donated. When you are done with that click on the bar that says “Thanks for feeding the dogs! Click to feed cats too!” and answer another question. It is very easy and takes a minute, maybe two, out of your day. Since 2008 more than 4.5 million nutritious meals have been given to shelter animals nationwide. There is also a game for your phone that you can download and you can sign up for a daily reminder to visit the site and answer the question. Animals hold a special place in many of our hearts and even though they may not be your own animal they still deserve the best care, and food, possible. Happy gained knowledge in dog and cat trivia!

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  1. Hey - tell Caroline about this, she is big into helping out the animal shelter in Rock Island and LOVES all animals!