Monday, November 2, 2015

Pure Love For Pets

Today’s blog post brings us a bit of education and trivia. Purina has teamed up with Dogs on Deployment to quiz our minds while raising money for them at the same time. Dogs on Deployment helps take care of service members pets in many different ways to help ease their mind during deployment, times of homelessness and during a time of crisis. Purina has created a fun way for us to be able to help them by merely using our brain. If you visit and register, from now until November 18 you can answer up to 5 trivia questions per day. For every trivia question you answer correctly they will donate $0.25 (up to $40,000). It takes about a minute and you could end up donating $1.25/day, as long as you’re better at trivia than I am (I only got two right on my first day!). So for the next couple of weeks, take a minute out of your busy day, head on over to PureLoveForPets and start giving back! Happy trivia gaining!

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