Wednesday, July 31, 2013


I personally really like this week’s blog post and use the app myself quite often. CheckPoints is an app that can be downloaded for both Iphone and Android. When you go shopping open up the app and scan items for points and coins. The points can be used towards rewards and you use the coins to play games that will get you more points. They have all sorts of rewards like gift cards, air miles, a Wii system, etc. however they also have a section in which you can donate your points. They have partnered with many organizations, like Kiva, American Red Cross, The Humane Society, and Democracy Matters, and when you get enough points you can donate your points to one, or many, of the organizations that you want to support. I enjoy the app because they have things that I can scan at many of the stores I go to and even though I’m not buying the items it’s still easy to find, scan them and get more points. So this week when you are headed out to go grocery shopping, spend a minute beforehand and download the app so you can start scanning items for points! Happy scanning!

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