Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Kellogg's Family Rewards Program

This week’s blog features a company that, like coca cola, has a rewards program and allows you to donate your points. Kellogg’s has created the Kellogg’s Family Rewards program which allows you to get points from specially marked packages. When you purchase a Kellogg’s item, whether it is cereal, crackers, nutria-grain bars, etc. you will find a code on the inside of the box that you can then enter online or via your mobile phone. It’s really easy to start an account and the only e-mails you receive are ones with coupons and different things the program is offering. There are tons of rewards however there is one in particular in which you donate your points to plant a tree with treecycler. I have a feeling that many of you reading this buy some type of Kellogg product so this week when you have a couple minutes head over to the Kellogg’s Family Rewards Program, create an account and start earning points. Happy point earning!

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