Thursday, April 18, 2013

Re-Leaf with Michaels

This week’s post requires one simple thing, a phone with texting capabilities! Michaels (the craft store) has teamed with American Forests to donate a tree every time someone opts-in for Michaels text alerts. All you have to do is text RELEAF to 273283. I like to try and do the posts that I blog about so I myself texted 273283. When you first text it will text you back thanking you for helping plant a tree and then will ask you if you want to continue getting texts from them. From the looks of it you can help plant a tree and not have to get regular texts from Michaels however if you do want the “alerts” it is up to eight per month. American Forests has planted over 40 million trees sense 1990 and works to help protect and expand our forests. So this week when you have a minute text RELEAF to 273283 and help plant a tree! It is Earth Month! Happy Planting!

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