Tuesday, December 4, 2012

American Giving Awards

I didn’t get this last week’s blog posted so here it is! I will post later this week with this week’s blog post. In the meantime you should take a few minutes tonight (before midnight EST) and go online to vote for the American Giving Awards (Voting ends tonight). For the second year Chase Community Giving is putting on the American Giving Awards which means that 25 charities have the chance to win part of $2 million. The public’s voting will decide which charities get the money and that is where you come in. Voting is taking place on Facebook and chase.com. If you have a Facebook account you can vote at https://www.facebook.com/ChaseCommunityGiving and if you have a chase card you can also vote online at https://www.chasegiving.com/. If you have both you get two votes! There are five different causes they focus on and five charities in each cause. Take a look at the charities and vote for the one you want to see get a share of $2 million. The most important thing is that you vote in the next 4½ hours! Then on the 8th make sure to watch the awards on NBC. Happy Voting!

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