Sunday, July 29, 2012

Good Maker

This week we are getting to vote for projects we want to see happen. Good Maker is a tool of Good’s to reward individuals and organizations with the best ideas. How it works is that an organization creates a challenge that drives meaningful impact than people submit their ideas and after all ideas are brought in the community votes on the idea they believe meets the challenge the best. The idea with the most votes wins and receives the money to help make their idea happen. You all come in at the voting, although I would also tell you to take a look and possibly submit your own idea. There are many different challenges that you can vote for and all you have to do to vote is sign up to be a member of Good. When you sign up you can also choose to get a daily e-mail. So this week when you have a few minutes when you aren’t watching the Olympics head on over to Good Maker and vote for some projects you want to see happen. Happy voting!

Until next week,

P.S. I want to do an Olympic post next week so if you have any ideas let me know!

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