Sunday, June 3, 2012

Red and Checking-in on Four Square

This week’s blog post cannot be done by all of my readers, including myself, however it is important enough for me to post it! From now until June 10 every check-in on Foursquare at Starbucks and select retailers of Penfolds and Bugaboo will trigger a donation from these (Red) partners to help fight AIDS. For every check-in $1 will be donated. So this coming week when you are grabbing a cup of coffee or just going to chill at your local Starbucks make sure to check-in on foursquare, if you have it, to help in the fight against AIDS. Happy checking-in!

Until next week,

PS: For those of you who do not have Foursquare, check out the other ways donations are being made.

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