Sunday, May 8, 2011

Nike Reuse-A-Shoe

This week we are helping recycle while also helping build different athletic surfaces. Nike has a department called Nike Grind that dedicates it’s time to making different athletic surfaces including using the “reuse-a-shoe” program. What they do is take used tennis shoes, separate them into three parts, and then use those parts to build tracks, tennis courts, carpet underlay, etc. It’s an awesome program and for someone like me who uses my shoes well past their ability to be donated to be reused, I now have somewhere that I can take them instead of just throwing them away; I will try and post later this week about different organizations that take gently used shoes. Another neat thing is that converse shoes as joined in on the fun so you can now also donate your old converse as well as your tennis shoes. The site that I am including shows drop-off locations and whether any are in your area. So when you are doing your spring cleaning, make sure to set aside your old tennis shoes to take into a nike location instead of just throwing them away. Happy shoe donating!

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