Saturday, March 5, 2011

Disney Movie Rewards

This week we’re going to the movies! Well I guess more specifically Disney movies. A few years ago Disney started, Disney Movie Rewards. Any Disney DVD or CD that you buy should have a little star indicating it has Disney Movie Rewards and inside the case you will find a code on a sheet of paper. Another way you can get points is by seeing a Disney movie in theatres and then either scanning your tickets for proof or mailing them in. Now you can get items with your points however, and to the point of this blog, you can also donate them. They change what you can donate your points toward, like right now they have, donate a plush toy to kids in distressed situations (K.I.D.S.) and they will match it or donate a tree seedling to a school. In the past I have also donated my points towards getting DVDs for children in Hospitals. It is very easy to just sign up for an account, very similar to My Coke Rewards which we talked about earlier. After that you just enter the codes you receive and then search on the Rewards page. So many of us have Disney DVDs or CDs and who knew that there is an incentive to getting them! So in honor of the Oscars this past weekend Happy Movie Watching and donating your points!

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